Top 5 MBA Distance Learning Specializations

mba distance learning

MBA Distance Learning – The Course which certainly helped aspirants in boosting up their career.

As we all know, MBA is a must-have degree for management students now.

Once you decide to pursue MBA through distance learning. You certainly land up in lots of confusion and fuzz.

Probably, this post is an end to all the problems related to distance learning MBA.

So, Starting off with very beginning, The first Step After you decide that you are going to pursue distance learning MBA is –

The Best University For MBA Distance Learning

Although, we have written entire post on this topic about top 5 universities for distance learning MBA / PGDM courses

But Let’s quickly recall it once again.

Amity University Distance Learning MBA offers 11 Specializations in MBA course and is probably the first preference for distance learning.

SMU is one of the most popular distance learning university in the country and is currently offering MBA through Distance Learning in 4 specializations.

Further, Narsee Monjee distance learning is offering PGDM in 7 specializations and is currently on of the most trending Institute for distance learning.

  • Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning – PGDM – 9 Specializations

Symbiosis is leading University for distance learning MBA / PGDM programs in India. It offers 9 specializations.

  • IGNO+U – 7 Specializations

IGNOU is the largest distance learning national University in India offering 6 PGDM distance learning Programs and 1 distance learning MBA Degree.

So these are some of the top Universities for MBA distance Learning Courses.

Further, once you decide the ideal university for you the next step is to choose the specializations.

Specializations in MBA

A typical 2-year MBA / PGDM is divided into two parts.

Whereas first part or first year is a generic year. Where a student will learn about basic general functions of management.

Further, in the second year, you will get in-depth knowledge of one of the specialisations that you will choose in the beginning of the course.

There are five main specializations that are offered by almost all MBA institutes. They are Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Development, Operations Management and Information Technology.

You have to choose your career very carefully. You should select the right path on the basis of your interest and instincts and not on the basis of peer pressure or high salary.

Therefore, You should select the right path on the basis of your interest and instincts and not on the basis of peer pressure or high salary.

Specialization course in MBA focuses more on specific industry or function.

Therefore, if a student is willing to get expertise in particular area or industry then MBA in a specific specialization ideal choice for you.

Moving on further, let’s discuss top 5 specializations of MBA distance learning.

Top 5 Specializations MBA Distance Learning

MBA in Finance

MBA distance Learning in Finance deals with managing and controlling the financial resources of an organisation.

Finance as a subject involves managing, controlling and reviewing the collections and resources of money

Further, using them as a capital or as per requirement of Organization.

any organisation dealing in the large sum of money will need a Finance student.

Therefore, if we talk about career opportunities after pursuing MBA in Marketing, a candidate can work into-

International financial institutions, stock markets, foreign exchange markets, consultancy companies.

MBA in Marketing

MBA Distance Learning in Marketing is a business degree With primary focus on marketing and communicating with client and customers

further, increasing the revenue of the organization.

One can easily work in FMCG, Retail, Tourism, Banking, Hospitality etc as Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Market Research Analyst.

MBA in Operations Management

MBA in operations is chiefly concerned with planning, organising and supervising in the contexts of production, manufacturing or the provision of services.

Therefore, after pursuing MBA from Amity distance learning is Operations an aspirant can pursue a career as supply chain manager, logistics manager, operations manager, etc.

MBA Information Technology (IT)

MBA distance learning in information technology  focuses on appropriate use of IT and Management Systems

To use appropriate IT tools in business managements that further, helps in growth and developments of business.

with the increasing dependency on computers job opportunities for the specialization is also increasing.

Further, after pursuing the course, a candidate can work in several IT companies as-

Software Developer, Applications Developer, Programmer, Project Lead, Information Technology Consultant, etc.

MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM)

MBA in human resource management is the process of hiring and developing the employees as per the needs of an organisation.

Human Resource Management is a process of hiring the workforce, providing development and training, assessing their performance, providing compensation and other benefits.

Human resource management is a well-paid field.

An MBA fresher in human resource management can earn 2-5 lakhs per annum.The remuneration is a subject of the profitability, geographic location

Some of the jobs in the field of Human resource management – HR generalist, Staffing Director, Employee Relations Manager.

So these were 5 top specializations in MBA distance Learning.

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