NMIMS Distance Learning Courses

NMIMS Distance Learning Courses



NMIMS distance learning courses offer a range of programmes. These courses are available for various levels. These courses include bachelors, diploma, certificate and post-graduation. NMIMS takes great pride in offering these diverse programmes. It takes students career to the next level and paves the way their future. These programmes have been specifically developed for practitioners. NMIMS distance learning courses have flexible test timings and well-planned schedules. It allows for managing student’s research and work life.

  1. NMIMS Distance Bachelors Programs

NMIMS Distance Bachelor Programs

NMIMS offers two distance learning courses in the field of bachelors. It includes a Bachelor of Commerce(B.com) and Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA).


Distance Bcom Program

The Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate business degree. The curriculum focuses on learner’s holistic growth who wants to complete graduation. Students are learnt to build up their knowledge and skills to be a good manager tomorrow. It offers extensive business, accounting, law, taxation and management understanding and perspectives. It lays the foundation for education in higher management.


The programme will build a solid base for learning trade basics. It will develop capabilities to achieve market advantage. It would help to understand the relationship between finance, business and management. The curriculum will include expertise in the design of accounts and administrative reports. It will instil the ability to apply technical expertise. This will involve evaluating and controlling portfolios. This distance learning course of NMIMS will help improve industry, trade and trade understanding. It would help to consider current accounting patterns


Distance BBA

The Bachelor of Business Administration programme is structured to help students become ready-made managers. It equips students with appropriate technical training and business management skills. BBA brings value to the company. BBA provides students with cutting-edge technology. It can be strategic, administrative or entrepreneurial. It helps and propels their career paths. BBA offers skills-based learning for students to give them a competitive advantage.


It asserts a strong understanding of business management principles. Business challenges are thoroughly thought about and analysed. It applies attention to social, economic and ethical issues. It consciously integrates complexities in today’s era.

2. NMIMS Distance Certificate Programs

Distance Certificate Programs

NMIMS offers a variety of distance learning courses under certificate courses. These are the Certificate Program in Corporate Communications, Business Management, Project Management, Operations Management.

  1. Distance Certificate Program in CORPORATE COMMUNICATION

distance certificate program in corporate communications

The six-month programme introduces students to the field of corporate communication. It helps students to think strategically and globally about communication. Moreover, it trains students in building a cohesive culture of the workplace. The course sharpens communication skills and practical thought.


It recognizes the strategic role of corporate communications for the company. The programme prepares, reading, writing and executing everything from strategic marketing strategies to newsletters. This certificate course considers how marketing techniques impact stakeholders and employees. It helps to learn how to relate and communicate with the PR industry.

2. Distance Certificate Program in OPERATION MANAGEMENT

Distance certificate program in operation management-min

This 6-month course includes a summary of business management principles. It equips students with practical knowledge of Strategic Resource Planning, Procurement & Operations Management Services. The program helps to implement the principles and definitions of operations management. It analyzes operations using basic techniques of quantitative analysis.

3. Distance Certificate Program in PROJECT MANAGEMENT

distance certificate program in project management

This 6-month curriculum teaches students the basic project management principles. The curriculum focuses on enabling students to handle various types of projects effectively. Such as public, corporate, information technology, energy, transport, engineering and construction. The courseware teaches specific techniques which are necessary for the execution of projects. The curriculum familiarises students with key elements of project.


The programme demonstrates expertise and strengths to handle projects efficiently. It helps to apply the concepts of project management to current projects. This certificate course considers the methods and strategies used when conducting projects. It streamlines the project management process and automates it.

4. Distance Certificate Program in BUSINESS MANAGEMENT

Distance Certificate program in business management

Business management helps to understand the essence of corporate management and its implementations. It brings a broad overview of the market climate. This certificate sharpens students management and company skills. It adapts students to the demands of modern industry.


  1. Distance Certificate Program in IT MANAGEMENT

distance certificate program in IT Management

The course offers a detailed analysis of market strategies, emerging trends & digital industry. It helps to understand IT Management’s multiple facets such as Information Technology, Enterprise Resource Planning, IT Infra Management etc. Upon completion, students can pick any of the specialities from Enterprise Solutions, Emerging Trends & Digital Business

3. NMIMS Distance Diploma Courses

NMIMS Distance Diploma Programs

NMIMS offers diverse distance learning courses under diploma programmes. All of the courses are mentioned below.

  1. Distance Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Distance Diploma in Supply Chain Management

The one-year curriculum introduces students to basic supply chain management principles. It demonstrates their implementation in real-time. It helps to understand the mechanisms behind handling logistics efficiently.
The course has the ability to show a critical capacity for understanding and controlling supply chain operations.
It identifies and addresses problems in the organisation’s supply chain.

2.  Distance Diploma in Operation Management

Distance Diploma in Operation Management

The one-year curriculum is structured to help learn critical skills in handling production. It applies to business management principles such as Warehouse Planning, Logistics & Supply Chain Techniques, and New Product Growth. The course helps learns to combine logistics and procurement skills. This is done through the introduction of modern logistics management techniques. The process of transformed resources is skillfully designed and managed.

  1. Distance Diploma in Marketing Management

Distance Diploma in Marketing Management

The one-year Marketing Management Program offers an overview of the main marketing principles and terminology.
It helps students understand the marketing role and works within organisations. The course explores factors influencing customer behaviour.

  1. Distance Diploma in International Trade Management

Distance Diploma in International Trade Management

The one-year curriculum introduces to topics such as foreign policy, global communication, currency exchange, etc. It illustrates the flow of the multinational market processes. The course studies the principles of international trading, cross-border transactions etc.

  1. Distance Diploma in Human Resource Management

Distance Diploma in Human Resource Management

The one-year curriculum offers a deeper understanding of core principles in organisational strategy. It discusses domestic and global aspects in compensation, workforce policy, organisational behaviour, change management and employment law. The course helps to learn how to solve HR problems.

  1. Distance Diploma in Financial Management

Distance Diploma in Financial Management

The one-year curriculum provides quantitative and conceptual contributions to the practical areas of financial management. It draws focus from a management viewpoint to financial principles. The course understands things like accounting for expenses, financial statements etc. The diploma programme uses critical analysis, ongoing process, managerial decision making to hold the balance.

  1. Distance Diploma in Business Management

Distance Diploma in Business Management

The one-year curriculum discusses and highlights the principles of entrepreneurship. It obtains insights into the company critical strategy and logical thought. The course provides a comprehensive overview of a business system. The programme provides the versatility of the different business models, encouraging strategic thinking and assisting with enhanced core organisational skills.

  1. Distance Diploma in Banking and Finance Management

Distance Diploma in Banking and Finance

The two-semester curriculum will teach students the basic features of financial institutions. It contacts different financial institutions and their regulations. The course is based on professional growth. The programme helps to understand day-to-day operations and Bank and Finance institutions’ activities.

  1. Distance Diploma in Retail Management

Distance Diploma in Retail Management

The one-year curriculum introduces to the different practises involved in the retail sector. A comprehensive overview of various aspects of retail management includes merchandising, customer behaviour, etc. It helps to build the requisite conceptual skills in the retail sector. The course manages various functional tasks effectively.

4. NMIMS Distance Post Graduate Diploma Programs


NMIMS offers a range of distance learning courses under post-graduation diploma programme. All of the courses are mentioned below.

  1. Distance PGDBM Retail Management Program

Distance PGDBM in Retail Management

This Diploma program enables to integrate concepts of general management. It helps learn the fundamentals of business management by laying emphasis on retail management. The course identifies various activities involved in the retail sector. The programme also recognises the integral role of logistics and supply chain management. It makes students learn the importance of governance along with the risk in the organised retail sector.


It identifies issues and devises solutions in the retail management sector. The programme helps students adept in planning, evaluating, building and selecting channels for retail distribution. The course effectively manage channels for retail and build retail marketing strategies

  1. Distance PGDBM in Supply Chain Management program

Distance PGDBM in Supply Chain Management

The program introduces you to the fundamental concepts of Supply Chain Management and explains their application in real-time. It helps understand the processes behind effectively managing logistics. The course has the ability to demonstrate a basic ability to understand and chain operations. It identifies and solves supply chain challenges in your organisation. The program prepares students to take up various roles such as Supply Chain Analyst, Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Manager etc.

  1. Distance PG Diploma in business management

Distance PG Diploma in Business Management

The program aims to provide students with an overview of a business framework and the functionality of various business models. It encourages students to employ strategic thinking tactics to improve organisational core competencies. The course focuses on modules such as marketing, information technology, economics, business laws, organisational behaviour, etc. In addition, it provides practical application of management principles through a case study methodology. It offers the ability to analyse business strategies and models.

4. Distance PGDBM Operations Management

Distance PGDBM IN Operation Management

During this program, one will learn to skillfully integrate the fundamentals of business management with the principles of operations management. The course will build professional competencies in production and operations management. It will help them learn how to measure performance, optimise production and cut operation costs. The programme will help balance purchasing proficiency.

5. Distance PGDBM in Marketing Management

Distance PGDBM In Marketing Management

This program offers a deeper understanding of the various functions and principles of marketing. It can be practically applied in the corporate world. The course has updated courseware to keep in step with the changing business landscape. It helps to explore contemporary marketing techniques. It offers an understanding of marketing at a regional and global level. This diploma course will help to understand the concepts of management. In addition, it will effectively navigate the marketing segment.

6. Distance PGDBM International trade management

Distance PGDBM In International Trade Management

The detailed course structure will cover trading policies, exchange of capital, producing and sourcing goods and services from across the globe. It has extensive and comprehensive courseware. It meets the demands of the ever-changing global standard. The programme will analyse world trade, exchange of capital, trade promotion, policies and strategies at the regional, national and global level. The diploma course will help learn the fundamentals of risk management. The program prepares students to take up various roles such as Manager in International Trade, Business Development Manager, Policy Analyst, Freight Auditor, Business Analyst in International Trade, etc.

  1. Distance PGDBM IT & Systems Management

Distance PGDBM In Information Technology

The program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of technology to build a dynamic career in the information technology marketplace. It develops critical thinking, managerial skills &stresses on the use of modern techniques to analyse and develop business solutions in the IT field. The courseware focuses on familiarizing participants with the latest technology disrupting the current business scenarios.

  1. Distance PGDBM Banking & Finance Management

distance pgdbm in banking and finance

This program provides students with knowledge of financial business operations, policies and to apply this knowledge practically. The course integrates the principles of banking and finance with the concepts of business operations. It acquires the knowledge to analyse and the dynamic nature of banking and financial management, etc. Additionally, the programme helps understand the day to day operations and activities of banking and finance institutions.

  1.   Distance PGDBM in Human Resource Management Program

distance pgdbm in human resource management

The program helps you in understanding the concepts of management. It helps to integrate them with the principles of Human Resources management. It improves people’s management skills to create a conducive work environment. The course helps to learn the fundamentals of talent training and recruiting, retention, industrial relations, etc. It helps to understand the core entities of management. Later it helps to develop people into proficient resources.

  1. Distance PGDBM in Financial Management

distance pgdbm in finance management

This program helps you gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of finance, auditing, accounting, and capital management. It helps to understand the principle and concepts of Finance. The course helps to learn the concepts of financial analysis, cost accounting, management accounting and its impact on general decision making. Additionally, it helps to devise financial strategies, risk assessment, and capital investment. The diploma course harness critical and analytical thinking abilities of the learners. The program prepares students to take up various roles such as Financial Auditor, Analyst in Financial Planning, Accounts & Finance Manager, Investment Banking Analyst, Financial Planner etc.

  1. Distance MBA For working executivesdistance MBA for working executives

The distance learning MBA course requires a senior executive to attend classes for 50-60 days. Students will finish the rest of the course while working. Narsee Monjee Executive MBA WX offers the requisite versatility to its executives. Completing the accelerated curriculum helps. It will give you a boost in your career alongside them. NMIMS MBA WX Distance Learning is better suited for advanced students. An individual can follow this programme without leaving his work. This degree also helps the individual develop the acumen of his / her job.