Masters of Computer application – WHY?

Why a Masters in computer application

Masters of Computer Applications (MCA) is a three-year technical post-graduate program. It is for applicants who want the aid of learning a modern programming language, to dive deeper into the field of computer application development. The curriculum is a mixture of expertise. It includes both theoretical and practical. An MCA degree offers students the chance to work with instruments to create better and faster applications.

Built to meet the shortage of trained professionals in the IT (Information Technology) industry. Many colleges offer an MCA degree in India. In fact, there are different universities that also offer integrated MCA programs.

Reasons to Earn a Master’s Degree

Career and Ph.D. readiness as well as good pay opportunities are reasons to obtain a master’s degree in computer science.

One justification for pursuing a master’s degree in computer science is that it can provide a basis for a career in the research and development of technology.

A master’s degree program can provide a career boost for individuals already working in the information technology sector. It allows professionals to broaden their expertise in the field. A master’s degree program, for example, provides students with advanced skills in one or more technical fields. It includes network security, the development of software, or artificial intelligence.

Another rationale is to train for potential admission to a Ph.D. program. Students may take advanced courses in these programs to learn study skills. They need to prepare for successful entry into a Ph.D. program. They might also be able to apply some of the credits they receive towards a Ph.D. in the future, depending on the school.


In high-tech jobs, those pursuing their master’s degree in computer science already work. Many schools do not need a particular undergraduate major to access the master’s program in computer science. Although a bachelor’s degree is typically part of the admissions eligibility requirements.

Certain programs encourage new students with little to no computer or technology experience. While others prefer to have some math, operating systems, and programming skills. For a master’s degree, prerequisites differ. Students are advised to contact the graduate school to check that before enrolling. All undergraduate prerequisite coursework has been completed.


The Master of Computer Applications eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Graduation in computer applications, computer science, or related fields.
  • A minimum of 50% of UG-level marks.
  • Mathematics is compulsory in Class 12 as one of the subjects.

This is only a brief description of the eligibility requirements. It varies in various colleges.


The length of the Masters of Computer application course is three academic years in total. This course was split into six semesters.  Each lasts for six months. The first year of this course focuses on the development of programming skills. The second-year aims to include a logical structure. And the third year provides experience and project work.

Distance learning Masters Programs in Computer Application

As the field of study in computer science became increasingly widespread. Many were skeptical that this field of study would continue. It was not until the 1950s that computer science started to be seen by academics as valid science. This became part of the main-stream community thanks to the IBM brand.

It is far from an ideal option to deal with public universities. Multiple online colleges attract teachers and students from all over the globe. In a distance learning classroom, this significantly increases the diversity. It stimulates difficult discourse.

Career & Jobs

There are plenty of job opportunities available in the MCA area. At present, people with strong computer application skills are highly in demand. In the government and private sectors, eligible MCA students can easily find jobs. There are various positions in both sectors available. As per their skills and caliber, applicants can get profiles.

A few months of training are provided to candidates during the initial period of joining.  As an entry-level trainee programmer, MCA applicants may begin their career. They have to work in various positions and areas at the outset. An IT professional’s duties are to design, test, and manage applications/software.

Applicants with an Masters of Computer application degree can select their teaching career as well. One can serve at renowned colleges/universities as a lecturer.


In India, depending on the working organization, schooling, skills, etc the average salary of a software developer is about Rs.3.5 lacs per year.

You can get a highly paid job in this area with decent skills in C++ and Java/J2EE. You can easily earn a handsome salary package after gaining ample experience in the IT sector.