Why study Masters in Arts

Why study Masters in Arts

Why study Masters in Arts

The definition of liberal arts education does not vary much from how we see it today. It aims at creating intelligent, virtuous, ethical, articulate, and curious people who can clearly express their ideas, know-how to carry them through, and search for and use the resources available.

A 2-year postgraduate degree in the area of Humanities, Arts & Liberal Arts is a Master of Arts degree derived from the Latin term “Magister Artium.”

Additionally, to have better career opportunities, students who have completed a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with a minimum of 50 percent or equivalent study this course.

Reasons to study MA

The benefits of MA research are described below:

In India, there is competition in the job market in regards to getting a master’s degree.

The key learning outcome of the course is to have a greater understanding of the subject and to acquire deeper knowledge so that those skills and knowledge can be implemented in the real world by students.

The teaching method is not about instruction in the classroom anymore. Internships expect students to do homework and submit well-written assignments. Additionally, they expect students to do project work to obtain relevant work experience, which later helps to land a good-paying job.

As a part of their curriculum, students are also expected to attend seminars and workshops that improve their academic and professional experience.

After completing the MA course, students in different private sectors can expect an average salary of about INR 3-6 LPA.

  1. Teaching methods

A Master of Arts relies heavily on interaction between student and instructor, mentorship, and collaboration. In that sense, it is less academic than an MSc and concentrates heavily on the practical and social implementation and use of theories and methods. There is greater credit selection freedom and the option extends through a university’s numerous colleges. In addition to those with Ph.D. degrees, the faculty comprises of practicing practitioners.

  1. Type of skills acquired

In addition to the solely academic skills gained by a Master of Arts degree, students are allowed to improve their soft skills that employers today are highly sought after. Your powers of investigation, analytical reasoning, and rational analysis will be mastered by an MA degree. It will also improve your ability to apply theoretical understanding to current problems, and encourage you to take professional initiative.

  1. Socially-centric business approach

A Master of Arts degree, unlike Masters of Science programs, assumes a more conventional approach to the application of theory. Company ideas from a historical, anthropological, psychological, and ethical viewpoint should be considered by students. Furthermore, a mandatory aspect of business studies in an MA degree will be public and consumer reaction to business practices communication problems, and long- and short-term effects of the various business models.

These days, for instance, brand recognition is a huge subject. Additionally, a Marketing and Communications Masters will teach you how to interact with target markets with real-time relevance in a simple yet modern way.

  1. Career prospects.

As quoted by CNBC.com, Brian Fox, adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University, says Businesses want more now. Google requires self-motivated and articulated people who can think on their own. It’s not enough just to have tech skills. Graduates have to do more.”

  1. Grounds for innovation

One term that masters in arts teach is creativity. Beyond measure, it is precious. Bread of creativity in informed, well-read, active, curious minds who know where inspiration can be found. The greatest advantage of a Master of Arts degree is that it is interdisciplinary. It helps you to touch on multiple subjects, issues, and problems. Additionally, it helps to learn how to relate them. Furthermore, it extracts what is useful in critical moments.


Distance M.A studies offer students a great deal of opportunity to find specific employment in all industries. If you are good at your job and have an advanced skill set, you can be working in top businesses and organizations in India and abroad.

Since competition in India is growing, it needs higher skills to get a satisfactory paying job. Additionally, the Masters of Arts degree allows students to achieve the certification.