Distance Education After 12th Good or Bad?

Distance education

You pursue distance education if you hate waking up early or believe that education is not about leaving behind the comfort to induce stability in your thinking. In our rapidly growing country, this is a common but not so common phenomenon. We get everything on our doorstep, from food to accessories, and the same goes for education.

A decade ago, we Indians were not so happy with the notion of being able to educate a student without imposing a disciplined atmosphere around him. It was only because there was no other option that people wanted distance education. Though views have changed with changing times, individuals have begun to look at the positive side. Queries, however, remain, myths still flutter and hesitancy continues.

India’s criticism of distance learning has been rather irrational. There are many concepts that are far from the reality of distance education but also demotivate many students who want to seek graduation by distance learning. By telling you of all the difficulties and perks of pursuing graduation in distance learning, this article will try to clear some air.

Benefits of Distance Education

Benefits of Distance Education


The benefits and advantages of distance education have been discussed below:


While you read, you can earn! It is the greatest value of studying at a distance. Distance education gives you, along with your graduation, the chance to concentrate on other things. If you believe in gaining realistic knowledge while you research, then the best choice for you is distance learning. It gives you the power to arrange your studies according to your own convenience.

Saves time and energy

A lot of time and energy is spent on commuting during daily schooling. This time and energy are saved by distance learning. Distance education offers you the ability to participate in courses that are not accessible in your city and from the comfort of your home you can study the course.

Customized education

You could be a fast learner or a slow learner. You won’t have to follow the speed of the entire class in distance education. At a pace that is easy for you, you will learn. On the other hand, you can also determine the flow of the syllabus, read the topics that you find fascinating first, and then go to the less interesting ones or vice versa.


Typically, distance education is cheaper than standard college learning. You also save the money invested in on-campus education for commuting and other expenses.


From anywhere, access your research material, submit your question, and study from your home. Generally, distance learning is very convenient for the learner. It enables you to use your time wisely and spend it on other goals.

National Level Curriculum

Distance learning institutions have a structured curriculum, unlike most universities, which is generally superior to traditional classroom courses. Recent studies have shown that many programs for distance learning are much more successful and valuable than their counterparts on campus.

The advantages of distance learning surely outweigh the difficulties. Open learning institutions such as Chandigarh University, IGNOU, the Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, and the University of Delhi (SOL) have acquired a high reputation in the field of education and have won the trust of many major companies by producing job-ready graduates.

Although the university may not have a direct influence on the success of these famous personalities, it definitely encouraged them to follow their dreams by providing them with time and expertise. Distance learning is the perfect choice for you if you feel like you have to spend your time in something other than higher education and you also want to seek graduation.


distance education Conclusion

Today, with the effect of Coronavirus on the way we practice education, distance education has become more of a requirement. Traditional distance learning had a restricted time of research materials and physical lessons. Today, the Online Distance Learning Program (ODLP) has matured into a much more mature version.

With all facets of our lives is maintained digitally, it is only obvious that the ODLP approach is being implemented. Distance learning has become a common option among individuals. It is meant for individuals who strive to research and learn new things.

Distance Education or Distance Learning also makes access to education much cheaper than standard courses, apart from easy access to a sea of content, expertise, and understanding in various disciplines. It has been noted that it is possible to access distance education at a quarter of the price of accessing a class-based education!