Distance B.A from Chandigarh University

Distance B.A from Chandigarh University

About the Programme

Distance B.A. from Chandigarh University program seeks to provide students from a broad spectrum of educational experiences and professional and personal circumstances with access to education. This course is built for the all-round growth of the student and inculcates various skills in them, along with providing a variety of subjects. The duration of the course is 3 years.

Distance B.A Program Eligibility 

A person is eligible for admission with a 12th pass certificate from a recognized university.

Fee Structure for Distance B.A Program

The academic fees are INR 6550/- for all semesters. The registration fees are only for the odd semesters and it is for INR 2500/-. Exam fees are INR 2000/- for all semesters. The SLM hard copies charges are optional. The charges for SLM hard copies are INR 1250/-. The total fees for odd semesters excluding SLM hard copies are 11050 and including SLM hard copies are 12300. The total fees for even semesters excluding SLM hard copies are INR 8550/- and including SLM hard copies are INR 9800/-.

Subject List for Distance B.A

At the time of entry to the program, the student has to choose the medium of instruction. At the time of entry (1st semester), the student must choose his / her elective courses and that can not be modified for the whole period of the program. For Computer Basics, the instructional medium is English only. The student may select the medium of instruction in English, Punjabi, or Hindi for the remaining subjects. Language subjects are, however, offered only in the related languages.

The subject list for the first semesters are:

  • English –Communication Skills-I
  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • History & Culture of Punjab-I
  • Punjabi-1
  • English Literature-I
  • Hindi Literature-I
  • Punjabi Literature-I

The subject list for the second semesters are:

  • English – Communication Skills-II
  • History & Culture of Punjab- II
  • Punjabi- II
  • English Literature-II
  • Hindi Literature-II
  • Punjabi Literature-II
  • Economics-II
  • Sociology-II
  • Political Science-II
  • History-II

The subject list for the third semesters are:

  • English -III
  • Environmental, Waste, and Disaster Management
  • History & Culture of Punjab- III
  • Punjabi- III
  • English Literature-III
  • Hindi Literature-III
  • Punjabi Literature-III
  • Economics-III
  • Sociology-III
  • Political Science-III
  • History-III

The subject list for the fourth semesters are:

  • English -IV
  • History & Culture of Punjab- IV
  • Punjabi- IV
  • English Literature-IV
  • Hindi Literature-IV
  • Punjabi Literature-IV
  • Economics-IV
  • Sociology-IV
  • Political Science-IV
  • History-IV

The subject list for the fifth semesters are:

  • English –V (Soft Skills Lab-1)
  • Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
  • History & Culture of Punjab- V
  • Punjabi- V
  • English Literature-V
  • Hindi Literature-V
  • Punjabi Literature-V
  • Economics-V
  • Sociology-V
  • Political Science-V
  • History-V

The subject list for the sixth semesters are:

  • English –VI(Soft Skills Lab-II)
  • History & Culture of Punjab- VI
  • Punjabi- VI
  • English Literature-VI
  • Hindi Literature-VI
  • Punjabi Literature-VI
  • Economics-VI
  • Sociology-VI
  • Political Science-VI
  • History- VI
  • Project(Case study)

Why you should study at Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University (CU), accredited by NAAC with the coveted A+ Grade in the first cycle, is an institution dedicated to excellence in science, creativity, interdisciplinary education, and the active promotion of promising young talent. Chandigarh University is the best university in Punjab, India for distance education, which blends the expertise of top business leaders and renowned academics and encourages a worldwide approach.

Through a globally recognized curriculum meeting the demanding industrial needs, CU was intended to include inspiring and experiential learning. CU has emerged as the best university for distance education in Punjab, India, and the most favored destination for the country’s students, renowned faculty, and recruiting companies.

The university has won various awards and recognitions, including the Fastest Growing Private Institution in Asia, the Excellent Engineering Institute, and the Limca Book of Records for inviting the most companies for campus placements in a single year. More than 250 foreign universities and institutions from countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, etc. have signed MoUs.

The vision of Chandigarh University

To be recognized as an elite center of distance and open learning through State of the Art ICT to provide quality education, enabling and encouraging all sections of society to contribute to the nation’s growth.

Institute of Distance & Online Learning

Stepping out of the box, Chandigarh University is now entering the Distance & Open Learning arena as the best Distance Education University in Punjab, India to provide education with the aid of blended technology & services to learners who are remote in place and/or time from the teachers or the teaching institution due to economic, social and geographical considerations.

Chandigarh University’s CU-IDOL, the best Distance Education University in Punjab, India, has an ambitious plan to fulfill the requirements of quality student-centered education for non-learning aspirants. We aim to build excellence in Distance & Open Learning by offering the interface of technology, i.e. The Learning Management System ( LMS) would spread quality education at an affordable price between the institution and the learner, combined with ease of learning across all sections of society.

The CU Learning Management System (CU LMS) is designed to maintain your curriculum, virtual classes, interactive workshops, faculty, etc. ‘at a click away’. CU LMS provides the learner with the flexibility to schedule their studies according to their learning requirements and offers the experts ample scope for e-content and delivery preparation.

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