NMIMS MBA for Working Executives

NMIMS MBA for Working Executives

In this post, if you are a working professional and are looking forward to joining the NMIMS MBA for working executives, you will find out everything you need to know.


The Executive MBA is a program designed specifically for executives who have some experience and want to up-skill themselves so that they can do well in corporate life.

This is especially for those without getting a career break who want to acquire more expertise in addition to their work experience.

You may do the curriculum daily, on weekends, online, or a short-term course.

This curriculum encourages learners to attend classes at their convenience and duties.

It normally has a period of fewer than two years.

The focus of the curriculum is on creating teamwork. Therefore, during the course, you should expect to work on different team projects.

You can learn to work in the business world from multiple angles due to the variety of students.

This method allows the applicant to earn a degree while working.


  • INR 4,00,000/- Fee from the program
  • Fee for Application: INR 1,500/-
  • It is included in the program fee as the review fee.
  • Any payment made through the Demand Draft should be made for the benefit of the “NMIMS of the SVKM” payable in Mumbai.
  • For PGDM, at the Fee Structure Section of the web, the course fee is INR 86,000/- INR, check fee, and payment method information.
  • Students may use loan services to pay 0 % interest loan fees for the program.
  • The EMI facility (3, 6, 9, 12 months) is available via the following banks ‘ credit cards: HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Citi Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank.
  • Accessible 0% financing accessible


  • 120 students in batch size. This allows for meaningful interactions with fellow students. It enables faculty to make sessions more interactive.
  • With Harvard business publishing education, students get access to the entire range of global and India-centric content.
  • Designed to allow students to manage the ambiguity, complexity, diversity, and uncertainty in their company effectively.
  • It offers 4 specializations to meet emerging market industry demands.
  • Students have options for mastering 2 distinct fields of study.

Distance MBA NMIMS Ranking

  • It has been awarded the Best University of Distance Learning in India for excellence in management education by CSR.
  • NMIMS is in the 2nd position among the top 10 B schools offering Zee Distance Education Programs.
  • Daily News & Review ranks 5th as the Best Distance MBA Institute in India.


Professionals do not have to leave their jobs to learn new experiences and develop their skills.

In particular, if you look forward to launching a new company, candidates can develop their entrepreneurship skills.

There is a strong opportunity to connect with several students. Students come from various backgrounds, such as marketing, finance, sales, etc. This enhances the experience in real business terms.


Dynamic is the market climate. That is, it is constantly changing. There are uncertainty and variety in today’s evolving world.

So, to perform well in day-to-day business operations, working professionals and business leaders need to constantly refresh their skills. Thus NMIMS MBA for Working Managers helps a lot here.

Nearly every working professional faces the issue of having a void in their experience and learning. This makes it quite obsolete for their learning. So, in a competitive business setting, they have to learn new strategies and ways to survive.

Also, when someone in an organization is promoted to a higher level. They have to take strategic decisions, including CEO, General Manager. It is important to make these decisions in a holistic way and with good management techniques.

India’s government has taken good steps to encourage start-ups. Such as Make In India.


  • The university is accredited with Grade A+ by NAAC.
  • Category 1 Autonomy is granted to the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies by UGCC.
  • NMIMS is one of India’s top 10 B-schools.
  • The Narsee Monjee Management Studies Institute has outstanding corporate acknowledgment, partnership, and acceptance.


The cumulative duration of the NMIMS MBA for working managers is 15 months.

For working executives, the number of NMIMS MBA terms is 5.

Single term duration: 3 months per term

Number of Modules: 5 per term Modules

In addition to a degree from NMIMS Global Access, Harvard Business Publishing Education-NMIMS MBA for working executives requires a certificate from Harvard Business Publishing Education

Capstone Project-The Capstone Business Simulation Project will allow students to synthesize the core & specialization programs’ concepts and techniques.


For this program, students have to finish 58 credit courses.

This involves 24 courses, 12 electives, and a thesis corresponding to 4 full-credit courses.

The course has been designed to improve the attitude of students towards problem-solving.

Students can get a dual specialization/concentration option. If a participant chooses a dual specialization, 7 courses from the major and 4 courses from the minor specialization area must be offered.

One course from every other specialty is also available. Instead of choosing a specialty, students also have the option of opting for a general management program.

The thesis, which is equal to 4 credit classes, is mandatory.

Compulsory Courses
  •  Strategy Formulation
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Business Research Methods
  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Global & Macroeconomic Environment
  • Economics of Strategy
  • Financial Accounting
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Management Accounting & Control
  • Corporate Finance I
  • Corporate Finance II
  • Individual Dynamics & Organization
  • Group & Organization Dynamics
  •  Human Resource Management
  • Leadership & Corporate Accountability
  • Information Systems for Management
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Marketing Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Rascal Analysis for Business Decisions
  • Decision Analysis and Modeling
  • Managing Business Operations


  • International Finance
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Futures Options & Risk Management
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring
  •  Financial Instuons & Markets
  • Commercial Bank Management
  • Project Finance

Human Resource Management

  • Employee Relations & Labor Laws
  • Talent Management
  • Performance Management
  •  Organization Theory, Structure & Design
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Strategic HRM
  • Change Management & Development
  • Emotional Intelligence-Developing Abilities for Superior Performance
  • Learning & Development

Information System

  •  Business Intelligence & Data Mining
  • Digital Strategy for Transforming Business
  • The lot and Emerging Technologies
  • Generating Business Values Through IT
  • Business Analysis
  • Managing IT Project
  • Business Dynamics of Information & Communication Technology Industry
  •  Enterprise systems and Analysis
  • Big Data Strategy and Technology Innovation


  • Consumer Behaviour
  • International Marketing
  • Sales & Distribution management
  • B2B Marketing
  • Service marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand management
  • Marketing analytics


  • Advanced Method of Data Analysis
  • Service Operations Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Production, Planning & Control
  • Modeling for Decision Making
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing Strategy
Details about specializations

After a comprehensive analysis of the current competitive job market, NMIMS MBA offers 4 main specializations for working managers.


A collection of hypotheses and experiential courses is protected by this specialization. This helps to develop new marketing strategies and helps solve real challenges in the business world.

Leadership and Strategy

This specialization focuses on the creation of a solid leadership base. This helps to overcome the realities of the competitive market of today. This is particularly for managers who want to achieve skills so that they can perform well in positions of general management.

Operations and Supply Chain

This specialization enables candidates to take international decisions on operations and supply chain management. I will learn details about procurement, logistics, service operations, and more from the students.

Applied Finance

This experience provides an understanding of the financial finances and resources of a company. Security analysis and portfolio management, financial engineering & financial reporting and analysis are some fields included.


The NMIMS MBA is divided into two components of 70 and 30 marks for the work executive examination.

70 Marks Continuous learning and assessment included Descriptive questions, MCQs, presentations Ensuring strong inclusion, and program alignment resulting in better learning.

30 Marks Descriptive Questions & MCQ’s for assessing efficacy and interpretation of concepts.


To be considered for an NMIMS MBA for working executives, you need to have one of the following.

Bachelor’s degree (10 + 2 + 3) with a minimum of 55% and 3 + years of work experience in every discipline from accredited universities.


Bachelor’s degree (10 + 2 + 3) with a minimum of 55% in any discipline from recognized universities and Post-Graduation / Professional Degree from recognized universities with at least 55% and 2 + years of work experience


The NMIMS MBA admission process for working managers is below.

1. Apply for the programme-NMIMS accepts the web-submitted request. First, you have to submit your verifiable information before applying. Second, you need to pick your specialization

2. Choose your specialization. From the 4 main specialization tracks, you can choose to specialize between core or dual tracks. During the program’s duration, you will revise the specialization.

  • Core Specialisation-Six options in Terms III & IV (3 in each term) must be chosen from that specific track (out of 4 tracks). It is possible to select the remaining four options (2 in each term) from any track / s.
  • Dual Specialisation- You can choose 3 options from Track 1 and 2 options from any Track 2 in Semester III and 2 options from Track 1 and 3 options from any Track 2 in Semester IV. Dual Specialisation.

We have addressed specialization tracks already.

4. Interview-A video call will be used to carry out an interview.

3. Examining your application- The NMIMS academic admission committee will evaluate your application and evaluate you.

5. Eventually, if you are bid, waitlisted, or declined, you will be informed of the same. Admission & offer letter If you are selected, you will receive an offer letter.


  • This program has a highly versatile curriculum designed to include the option of program completion in a fast-track span of 15 months or 24 months.
  • After the participant completes the prerequisite course, according to their convenience, they will apply for modules.
  • Exams are performed for every fifth.
  • Increases the importance of peer networking and advertisement with collective learning through group work
  • A particular dissertation that must be submitted during the program also offers a viewpoint on study during the program.

So, this was the NMIMS MBA for Working Executives course brief.

Distance Education Delhi welcomes any kind of questions about any course you have.

On the numbers mentioned, aspirants should feel free to contact us or can request a call back from us.


Program Eligibility

Bachelor's degree (10 + 2 + 3) with a minimum of 55% and 3 + years of work experience in every discipline from accredited universities. OR Bachelor's degree (10 + 2 + 3) with a minimum of 55% in any discipline from recognized universities and Post-Graduation / Professional Degree from recognized universities with at least 55% and 2 + years of work experience