Distance BBA from Narsee Monjee – NMIMS


Narsee Monjee Institute of  Management Studies (NMIMS) provides distance learning for Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA). The curriculum has a 3-year duration. Each subject has credits of 4 points. The course has 6 semesters. In each semester, there are 6 subjects.

Distance Learning BBA from NMIMS

The Bachelor of Business Administration program intends to encourage students to become managers who are ready for the industry.

It equips students with the required professional education and business management skills. The course brings value to and advances learning in the industry. The 3-year program provides students with state-of-the-art facilities to help their career paths and drive them. Managerial, managerial, or entrepreneurial may be the career path. It offers skill-based learning to students to give them a competitive advantage in terms of employability


The 6-semester course shows a transparent interpretation of business management principles across functional domains. It thinks and analyses market concerns objectively.

The curriculum helps learners to consciously integrate complexities in today’s day and age of doing business responsibly.

Another outcome of NMIMS’ distance learning in BBA is to develop and apply business models and structures to unravel business problems in the real world. The course teaches its students within the digital world and cross-culturally to interact verbally and non-verbally.

Finally, it provides and shows an appreciation of entrepreneurship, creativity in the creation of business strategies, and an understanding of the start-up environment in the country and globally.


In any agreed board discipline applied students need to score at least 50 percent HSC (10 + 2)


With 45 percent and at least 2 years of work experience, HSC (10 + 2) in any agreed board discipline


SSC (10) + 3 years AICTEE approved a diploma of 55%

Structure of the fees for the curriculum

  • An initial sum of INR 5,000/- is given for the program fee at the time of enrollment.
  • The university offers exclusive benefits to the armed forces with a 20 percent discount on the program cost.
  • At the discretion of the university, the above fee structure is subject to change.
  • Any payment made by Demand Draft should be made on behalf of “SVKM’s NMIMS” from Mumbai.
  • Besides, students are required to pay a Rs 600/- examination fee per subject.
  • Applicants will also use lending facilities without a credit card to cover the program fees.
  • The EMI facility (3, 6, 9, 12 months) is available by credit card from the following banks: HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Citi Bank, HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank.
  • At the discretion of the institution, the program structure and curriculum are subject to change.

Career Options

Assistance Manager – Finance

With some administrative and financial tasks, assistant finance managers advise finance managers. This may include assisting with invoice billing, budget preparation, cash flow handling, and asking colleagues to purchase order information.

Assistant Manager – Marketing

A brand assistant allows brand managers and managers to work on projects to increase company revenue and enhance sales or marketing strategies. They work closely with personnel in other positions, such as advertising, market research, growth, sales, and distribution.

Assistant Manager – HR

A Human Resources (HR) Assistant is a professional expert who performs the day-to-day administrative and human resources duties of a company. They help HR managers’ hiring, record keeping, and payroll processing, and provide all workers with clerical support.

Higher Studies in management Domain

After graduation, students can opt for higher studies. For institutions like IIM and XLRI, they should prepare for entrance exams.

Options for payment of fees

Option 1- The maximum fee of INR 1,31,000/- and the entry processing fee of INR 1,200/- may be charged by applicants.

Option  2- Applicants can pay a fee of INR 47,000/- per year for the annual program. Applicants are also expected to pay a sum of INR 1200/- as an entrance fee.

Option 3- Applicants can pay a fee of INR 25,000/- per semester for the program. The entry processing fee of INR 1,200/- has to be charged, too.

Employability Competencies

In its curriculum, NMIMS has inculcated a particular module. It will help to develop skills in employability, with a high emphasis on soft and technical skills. The course bridges the difference between demand from employers and preparation for students.

Placement Assistance

The first BBA in distance and online education is offered by NMIMS. For the students, the Placement Assistance Program intends to organize them throughout their lives for work opportunities. The focus is on offering assisted placement to support and promote students’ careers.


The experienced faculty of NMIMS is a combination of academics and industry experts who will guide students every step of the way. The members of the faculty include—

  1. Professor Jayakar Harneet- She is an assistant professor from IMT Ghaziabad,  She has completed her PGDM. She graduated from Mumbai University with a Bachelor of Engineering degree.
  2.  Dr. Deepak R Gupta He is a college assistant professor. He has completed his Ph.D. in Commercial Materials.
  3. Dr. Pooja A Basu-  She is an assistant NMIMS professor. She has her Ph.D. and PGDM done.
  4. Professor Brinda Sampat- She is a college assistant professor. She is qualified in MSc Information Technology.
  5. CA Purva Shah- She’s an assistant professor and an accountant. She has completed her Mass Communication.
  6. Professor Ritu Tripathi – She is an assistant professor at the Mount Carmel Institute of Management who has completed her MBA.
  7. Professor Shrikant Mullik- He is the Chief Consultant at Shrikant Mullik and Colleagues. He graduated from the University of Mumbai with a BE. Then he went to IIT Bombay to pursue his MBA. He is presently pursuing a Ph.D. at NMIMS.


Program Eligibility

In any agreed board discipline applied students need to score at least 50 percent HSC (10 + 2) OR With 45 percent and at least 2 years of work experience, HSC (10 + 2) in any agreed board discipline OR SSC (10) + 3 years AICTEE approved a diploma of 55%