Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology

Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology

As we all know that, Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology is a two year Degree Course, Which can Be offered by Amity University through the Amity Directorate of Distance and Online Education (ADDOE).

To give a complete Information to all of you about  Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology course, Distance Education Delhi has brought a post about Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology. In which you will understand in detail about MBA in Information Technology from Amity university distance learning.

Further, In this post, you will also understand about Unique Benefits, Fees Structure, Eligibility Criteria, Subjects, Admission Procedure of course and career/jobs opportunities after completing the course.

Introduction to MBA in Information Technology

At the heart of any MBA program lies a curriculum in business management, strategy, and economics.

However, business runs on information, and in today’s world, information is shared through technology.

Whether the technology comes in the form of a cash register, data warehouse or robotics production, knowing how to incorporate it into a company is essential to modern business.

An MBA in Information Technology integrates business management and technology knowledge into an advanced graduate program.

Whether a company provides products and services online or incorporates technology into its infrastructure.

Still, professionals are needed to bridge the gap between executive leadership and technical performance.

Further, Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in information technology provides managers with this training.

Benefits of MBA in Information Technology

First of all, An MBA degree itself is an add-on for your career as MBA is a renowned degree and always helps in exploring job opportunities.

Collectively, information technology represents one of the fastest growing industries in the modern world.

With an average of almost 20% growth projected through the end of the next decade.

Since more and more of the world is reliant entirely upon the power of networked computer systems.

Therefore, the future growth of jobs in America and elsewhere around the world is likely to continue to lean heavily in favor of IT.

Given such, an MBA in Information Technology is a sound investment in one’s future, particularly given the scope of highly in-demand specializations available through the core program.

Why Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology?

A candidate pursuing MBA in Information Technology from Amity Distance Learning can add a skill set to their career while continuing their current job.

Further, As we all know Amity is one of the top 5 universities for distance learning MBA.

As well as, MBA from Amity distance learning is the first preference of distance learning aspirants.

Here are the some of the reasons that why should you choose Amity distance learning?

Further, if we discuss the benefits and facilities that Amity distance learning is providing to the students-

Amity is providing a single login access to students for 24/7 support as well as LMS.

Further amity allows students to take admissions throughout the year.

The entire course curriculum is readily available from anywhere as the full course is hosted on Amity’s server.

Amity school of distance learning(ASODL) is providing flexibility of learning.

As a result of all the conveniences provided by Amity University, A student has increased sense of control

To plan their studies as per their speed and convenience and provides the flexibility of studying.

Further, the admissions to Amity distance MBA in (HRM) Human  Resource Management are open throughout the year.

Furthermore, Amity Distance MBA in International Business comprises of 3 components – Assignments, Personal Contact Programme and End Term Examinations.

Career/Jobs Opportunities after Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology

Really, there are lots of Career/jobs opportunities after distance MBA from Amity University for students.

With a growing number of businesses either adding Internet presence or providing strictly online sales, an MBA in Information Technology program gives entrepreneurs a greater understanding of the management of people, e-commerce, and security.

Starting a new business requires skills available through MBA programs, and in the modern technology-based world, knowing how to plan a systems infrastructure at the outset can lead to smoother future growth.

Further, Management staff can also offer a competitive advantage with an MBA in Information Technology by providing conceptual vision and advancing a business to change with technological trends.

Furthermore, MBA programs give students and professionals a solid foundation in management skills, and a concentration in information technology helps them keep their business practices current.

Eligibility Criteria For Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology

For Indian Students

Applicant must possess sufficient knowledge and understanding of ENGLISH Language.

Further, Candidates whose first Language is not English must have completed at least three (3) years of Academic Qualifications under English Medium.

10th Class Completion Certificate(Completion 10 years of Formal Schooling)

Followed by, 12th Class Completion Certificate (Completion 12 years of Formal Schooling)

Further, Graduation completing Degree (3 Years or 4 Year Degree Program. Diploma will not be acceptable )

Most noteworthy, minimum 40% or equivalent Marks in Graduation.

Whereas, Students with Foreign Education need

O level Certificate

Followed by, A level Certificate

Further, Graduation Degree with Minimum 40% marks

And Certificate of Equivalence from Association of Indian Universities to apply in any Indian University

Subjects of Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology 

Amity Distance MBA is a two year Degree program with the subjects as followed –

The two-year program covers business theories followed by the practical implementation to provide the skills in real time management and Decision making.

Subjects of Study

1.  E-Commerce

2.  IT in Business Management

3.  IT-its Core Concepts and Issues

4.  Development of Information System

5.  Entrepreneurship

6.  Important Application Areas of IT

7.  Business Communication

8.  Project Management

9.  Business Laws

10.  Database Management System

11.  Business Simulation Using System Dynamics

12.  Integrating E-systems & GIS

13.  Software Project Management

14.  Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems

15.  SCM Information Systems

16.  Innovation and Technology Management

17.  Data Warehousing and Data Mining

18.  Software Engineering

19.  Expert System Design and Application

20. Web Designing and Multimedia

21.  Networking & Network Security

22.  Marketing of Information Technology

23. ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning

24.  Knowledge Management System

Fee Structure of Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology

Two options for payment are available

Full Fee Payment

One time payment: INR 1,26,800/-

Further, Students can also pay the fee semester wise

Semester 1: INR 30,500

For Semester 2: INR 35,500

and for Semester 3: INR 35,400

Semester 4: INR 35,400

Further, Examination fee of Rs. 100 / subject is included in Semester Fee.

As well as Amity University Distance MBA is providing add-on services for

Personal Contact Program ( Face 2 Face training): INR 5000/per semester for hours of sessions per subject

Further, One on one live query handling sessions: INR 2000/subject/session for a 45 minutes session

Reference books: at actual cost

Virtual Recorded Sessions: INR 3000/subject for highly structured virtual recorded classes

Furthermore, Demand draft for the first installment of fees is to be made in favor of

“Amity Centre for E-Learning,” payable at Noida.

Although, Amity University Doesn’t offer any scholarships they do have fee concession for Defence/JC officer and other ranks.

As well as, University also offers concession to physically disabled and reserved category students.

Admission Procedure for Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology

Admission in ASODL distance learning MBA is very easier in comparison to other Universities

An aspiring candidate can easily visit the official website of Amity online  and select the appropriate link to fill up the form

Further, Upload the necessary documents and finally re-check all the documents and apply online

Furthermore, Documents required for online application

Indian Students

  • 10th class completion
  • 12th class completion
  • Further, Graduation degree with minimum 40 % marks

Whereas, Students with Foreign Education need

  • O level Certificate
  • A level Certificate
  • Graduation Degree with Minimum 40% marks
  • Certificate of Equivalence from Association of Indian Universities to apply in any Indian University

Further, Admissions to distance learning MBA program in Amity University are open throughout the year.

but, A schedule has been maintained:

The students registered after August and up to 28 February are eligible to appear in the semester exam to be held in June.

further, The students registered after March and up to 31 August will be eligible to appear in semester exams to be held in December.

Confirmation of receipt of the applicant will be sent within 10 days of application and student ID will be allotted.


So, this was a course brief of Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology.

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Amity Distance MBA in Information Technology
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