Top 10 Distance BBA Universities In India


Seeing the present circumstance worldwide, distance education seems to be a good option. In this article, we will discuss BBA Distance Education. Additionally, we will discuss the top 10 distance BBA universities in India.

In both distance education and standard mode, the BBA course is open.

Who should pursue Distance BBA

Management programs such as BBA at the undergraduate level provide valuable skill-based career opportunities. This course should be selected by those who have always dreamed of being in a management team.

Management teams are present in business or organization.

A strong BBA degree, along with knowledge of group dynamics and problem-solving, requires practical and internship experience. After their senior secondary education, students who wish to improve these skills must select this course.

Top 10 Distance BBA Universities in India

Keeping in mind who should pursue distance BBA one can look into the below list to decide in which university they opt to study. It lists the top 10 Distance BBA Universities in India.


NMIMS is one of the top distance BBA university in India. It is India’s leading institution for distance education programs.

The institution also offers different courses in India for undergraduates. One of the common courses offered by NMIMS is BBA. The eligibility for BBA is after passing 10+2 from a recognized institution.

For learners who want to make their career in the field of business management, the NMIMS distance BBA program is a perfect course.

Afterward, students will either go to an MBA or a diploma program in management for higher education after completing the program.

Furthermore, the 3-year degree program helps students become managers for the future industry.

There are 6 semesters in the distance education BBA program. Though it is possible to complete the curriculum within a period of 60 months. Though the minimum time is 36 months to complete the course.

2. Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University is another top distance BBA university in India. The distance BBA course in CU is designed to acquire the skills needed for business and management careers. The Distance and Career-oriented BBA program at CU prepares students for several management careers.

In 2012, the Punjab State Legislature created Chandigarh University (CU). Besides, it is the only private university in India to be given an ‘A+’ grade by the NAAC. Furthermore, it is the only state private university in Punjab to be accredited by the NAAC. Besides, the UGC and the AICTE have approved the university.

Additionally, it has also received a major certification that authorizes CU to conduct online teaching and learning. It is also the first university in India to hold the Limca Book of Records. Additionally, CU is North India’s first university to have over 275 partnerships with top-ranking international universities and institutions from nearly 50 countries.

3. ICFAI University

In the field of managerial education, ICFAI University is a renowned name. ICFAI is another university offering distance BBA in India.

The university also provides distance education courses. And one of the university’s famous courses is BBA.

The ICFAI BBA is a 3-year degree course. Students after passing their 12th standard can apply for admission.

When you want to make the payment in one go, the total fee for the course is INR 34000. Moreover, the total fee of the course would be INR 36000 if one chooses the EMI option.

4. Amity University

Amity University is one of the best-ranked private universities in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Under its distance education wing, the university offers a Distance Education BBA. It is also known as the Amity School of Distance Learning (ASODL).

An online degree program is the BBA distance education course offered by Amity University.

For admission, students who have completed their 12th standard can apply.

Furthermore, in comparison to the other universities offering distance education courses in India, the Amity BBA fee is higher. Amity fees are approximately INR 112000 for the BBA Distance Learning Course for 3 years.

5. Sikkim Manipal University

Sikkim Manipal University is a well-known name in the field of distance learning. The university has maintained its position in the field of distance education in India for years.

Under the distance education mode, the university provides many management and technical professional courses and BBA is one of the popular courses SMU-DE has to offer to students who have completed their 12th standard education.

The minimum duration of the SMU-DE BBA course is 3 years. Moreover, students can complete the same for a maximum duration of 5 years.

Furthermore, UGC-DEB approves the course. All students receive self-study learning materials in print and digital format after joining the course.

The total fee for the Distance Education BBA course is approximately 100000 INR.

6. Annamalai University

The University of Annamalai is one of the oldest and most popular universities in southern India. It is also one of the oldest universities in India that offers distance education.

Annamalai University’s distance education MBA offers one of India’s top-ranked distance MBA courses. Additionally, among the students, the BBA course is quite popular.

The 3-year degree course is split into 6 semesters and can be conducted by students who have completed 10+2.

Two BBA courses are offered by the university, namely BBA (General) and BBA (Computer Application).

Under the Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalai University offers both courses.

The BBA course offered by the University of Annamalai costs approximately 30000 INR.

7. Lovely Professional University

Among the private universities in India, Lovely Professional University (LPU) is a renowned name. When it comes to distance BBA, LPU is one of the best options.

In the state of Punjab and other neighboring states, universities are very popular. However, students from all over the globe visit LPU to attend regular courses.

The university has a distance education wing that provides distance education courses.

Furthermore. UGC-DEB approves LPU’S BBA course. The course is for 3 years. Students can attend the course after completion of their 12th standard.

The free total of the course is approximately 65000 INR.

8. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

IGNOU is India’s most esteemed and largest open university. IGNOU offers one of the best distance BBA courses in Inia. Under the distance education system, the university offers a few hundred courses. UGC-DEB approves all courses under IGNOU

A specialized BBA course in retailing is provided by IGNOU. In retailing, IGNOU BBA is a 3-year curriculum. The maximum duration to complete the course is 6 years.

The minimum age required to enroll in the course is 18. Whereas the maximum is 24 years.

The total fee is INR 27000 for the course.

However, students need to complete their 12th standard to enroll in this program. But beforehand, there will be a personal interview at the regional center.

9. Teerthanker Mahaveer University

Teerthanker Mahaveer University, only a few kilometers from Delhi. This university is another reputed one offering the best distance BBA course in India.

Flexible payment options for tuition are available, making this university an affordable choice.

With a fair percentage, the applicant must have 10, 10+2 degrees.

The application mode is online. Moreover, based on the steps listed, candidates will log into the website and download the application and complete the process. The fee for the full distance learning program is 124200 INR.

10. Jaipur National University

Jaipur National University offers one of the top-rated distance BBA in India. A very younger university, through its extensive teaching history, JNU has gained recognition. The university obtained government support for R&D projects and was also accredited with NAAC certification.

Graduation is optional in every domain, but there is a 10-and 10+2 mandate.

Furthermore, you can search for the rest of the information on the Jaipur National University distance education website.

The fees for the three-year course are 36,000 INR, except the 500 INR prospectus fees and the 500 INR review fees.


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a very common graduate course in India. It is common among individuals who want to make their career in business management in India.

BBA is a degree program for 3 years.

After completing the 12th standard, one is confused about what path one should follow. Keeping in mind the demand and present opportunities, BBA is a great option for the ones who are interested in management studies.