NMIMS MBA for working executives.

In this post, you will find out everything that you need to know if you are a working professional and is looking forward to joining the NMIMS MBA for working executives.

What is MBA For working executives

Executive MBA is a program designed especially for working executives who have some experience and want to up-skill themselves so that they can perform well in corporate life.

This is especially for those who want to gain more knowledge in addition to their work experience without having a career break.

The program can be done regularly, on weekends, Online, Or by a short term course.

This program allows students to attend classes according to their convenience and their responsibilities.

It usually has a period of fewer than two years.

The program focuses on building teamwork. Therefore, you can expect to work in various team projects during the course.on

Due to the diversity of students, you can learn to work in the business environment from different angles.

This program helps the candidate to acquire a degree while working. 

Difference between traditional MBA and MBA for working executives

Generally, MBA students are young professionals. In other words, they have zero to 4 years of work experience or people who want to switch their careers.

While students of Executive MBA are experienced professionals and should have 3- 15 years of work experience to be eligible for the program.

The knowledge of traditional MBA Students is generally not that enhanced as they are generally freshers.

However, Executive MBA students possess a piece of great knowledge about the practical business environment.

Executive MBA Is taken up by professionals who want to get the position of general manager, senior manager or CEO of the company.

This course enhances your leadership skills too. A traditional MBA is a full-time course however an executive MBA is generally part-time to enable the candidate to fulfill their work responsibilities while studying.

Pros Of MBA For executive MBA

  • Professionals need not leave their job to get new knowledge and enhance your skills
  • Candidates get to enhance your entrepreneurship skills especially if you look forward to starting a new venture
  • There is a good chance to interact with a variety of students from different background like marketing, finance, sales, etc so, it enhances your experience in real business terms

Why NMIMS MBA For Working Executives

The business environment is dynamic.

That is it keeps on changing. In today’s ever so fast-changing environment there’s so much complexity and diversity.

So, Working Professionals and Business Leaders Have to continuously update their knowledge to perform well in day-to-day business activities. Here NMIMS MBA for working executives helps a lot.

Almost every working professional faces the problem of having a gap in their learning and experiences.

This makes their learning quite obsolete. So, they have to learn new techniques and ways to survive in a dynamic business environment.

Also, When anyone gets promoted to a higher level in an organization 

like CEO, General Manager they have to take strategic decisions.

These decisions have to be taken in a holistic way and with good management techniques.

The government of India has taken good initiatives like Make In India promoting start-ups. To be a part of it and become a future entrepreneur, one needs to be highly skilled and educated.

They need to learn good management education to build start-ups that perform well in the long run and are highly profitable.

NMIMS MBA program for Woking executive is quite a blessing for working professionals while they want to learn and also have to fulfill their commitments and responsibilities towards the organization in which they are working on.

Once they upskill themselves they can surely lead their way in the corporate world.

Highlights of NMIMS MBA for working executives

  • Batch size of 120 students that enables meaningful interactions with fellow students and allows faculty to make sessions more interactive.
  • Students get access to the entire range of global and India centric content with Harvard business publishing education.
  • Designed to enable students to effectively manage the ambiguity, complexity, diversity, and uncertainty in their business.
  • Offers 4 specializations to tackle business requirements of emerging markets
  • students get options to master 2 separate fields of study.

Recognition of Narsee monjee institute of management studies

  • The university is accredited by NAAC with Grade A+
  • Narsee monjee institute of management studies is awarded Category 1 Autonomy By UGC
  • NMIMS is one of India’s top 10 B-schools
  • Narsee monjee institute of management studies has Exceptional Corporate Recognition, Collaboration, and Acceptance

Program Details of NMIMS MBA for Working Executives

NMIMS MBA for working executives has a total duration of 15 Months

The number of terms in NMIMS MBA for working executives is 5.

Duration of one term: 3 months per term

Number of Modules: 5 Modules per term

Harvard Business Publishing Education – NMIMS MBA for working executives includes a Certificate from Harvard Business Publishing Education in addition to a degree from NMIMS Global Access

Capstone Project – Capstone Business Simulation Project will enable the student to synthesize concepts and techniques from the core & specialization programs.

The curriculum of MNIMS MBA For Working executives

The students have to complete 58 credit courses for this program.

This includes 24 courses, 12 electives and a dissertation that is equivalent to 4 full-credit courses.

The course has been designed to enhance the problem-solving attitude of students.

Students get an option to get a dual specialization/concentration. If a participant chooses for a dual specialization, he/she has to offer 7 courses from the major and 4 courses from the minor area of specialization.

Also, One course from any other specialization is offered. The students also have an option to opt for a general management program instead of choosing a specialization.

The dissertation which is equivalent to 4 credit courses is compulsory.

Compulsory Courses

  •  Strategy Formulation
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Business Research Methods
  • Written Communication 
  • Oral Communication 
  • Global & Macroeconomic Environment 
  • Economics of Strategy
  • Financial Accounting
  • Analysis of Financial Statements 
  • Management Accounting & Control
  • Corporate Finance I 
  • Corporate Finance II
  • Individual Dynamics & Organization
  • Group & Organization Dynamics
  •  Human Resource Management
  • Leadership & Corporate Accountability
  • Information Systems for Management
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Marketing Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Rascal Analysis for Business Decisions
  • Decision Analysis and Modeling
  • Managing Business Operations



  • International Finance
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Futures Options & Risk Management
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring
  •  Financial Instuons & Markets
  • Commercial Bank Management 
  • Project Finance

Human Resource Management

  • Employee Relations & Labor Laws
  • Talent Management
  • Performance Management
  •  Organization Theory, Structure & Design
  • Compensation & Benefits 
  • Strategic HRM
  • Change Management & Development
  • Emotional Intelligence-Developing Abilities for Superior Performance
  • Learning & Development

Information System

  •  Business Intelligence & Data Mining
  • Digital Strategy for Transforming Business
  • The lot and Emerging Technologies 
  • Generating Business Values Through IT
  • Business Analysis 
  • Managing IT Project
  • Business Dynamics of Information & Communication Technology Industry
  •  Enterprise systems and Analysis
  • Big Data Strategy and Technology Innovation


  • Consumer Behaviour
  • International Marketing
  • Sales & Distribution management
  • B2B Marketing
  • Service marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand management
  • Marketing analytics


  • Advanced Method of Data Analysis 
  • Service Operations Management 
  • Logistics Management 
  • Production, Planning & Control 
  • Modeling for Decision Making
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing Strategy

Details about specializations.

NMIMS MBA for working executives offers 4 core specializations after a careful study of the current dynamic job market

Marketing: This specialization covers a set of theories and experiential courses. These help in developing innovative marketing techniques and helps to solve real business world problems.

Leadership and Strategy: This specialization focuses on building a strong foundation in leadership. This helps in addressing the realities of today’s global business. This is especially for executives who want to attain skills so they can perform well at general management positions.

Operations and Supply Chain: This specialization enables candidates to take operations and supply chain management decisions on an international level. The students will learn I detail about procurement, logistics, service operations & more.

Applied Finance: This specialization offers an understanding of a business’s fifinancial investments and capital. Some areas include security analysis and portfolio management, financial engineering & financial reporting and analysis.

Exam And Assessment

NMIMS MBA for working executives exam is divided into two parts of 70 and 30 marks.

70 Marks – Includes Continuous Learning and Assessment Descriptive questions, MCQs, Presentations Ensuring strong inclusiveness and integrations into the program resulting in stronger learning 

30 Marks – Course-end Assessments Descriptive Questions & MCQ’s to gauge effectiveness and understanding of concepts 

Eligibility Criteria

You need to have either of the following so that you are eligible for NMIMS MBA for working executives.

Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3) in any discipline from recognized Universities with a minimum of 55% and 3+ years of work experience


Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3) in any discipline from recognized Universities with a minimum of 55% and Post-Graduation/Professional Degree from recognized Universities with a minimum of 55% and 2+ years of work experience

Admission Process

Following is the admission process of NMIMS MBA for working executives.

1.  Apply for the program – NMIMS accepts application submitted on the web. Firstly, While applying you have to submit your verifiable details. Secondly, you have to choose your specialization

2.  Select your specialization – You can choose to specialize between core or dual tracks from the 4 major specialization tracks. You can revise the specialization during the term of the program.

  • Core Specialisation – You must choose 6 electives in Terms III & IV (3 in each Term) from that particular track (out of 4 tracks). The remaining 4 electives (2 in each Term) can be chosen from any track/s.
  • Dual Specialisation – You can choose 3 electives from Track 1 and 2 electives from any Track 2 in Semester III and 2 electives from Track 1 and 3 electives from any Track 2 in Semester IV.

We have already discussed specialization tracks.

3.  Examining your application – NMIMS academic admission committee will review your application and documents. You will be notified of the interview once you are shortlisted.

4. Interview – An Interview will be conducted through a video call.

5. Admission & offer letter – Finally, whether you are offered, waitlisted or rejected, You will be notified for the same. You shall receive an offer letter if you are selected.

Special Points of NMIMS MBA for Working Executives

  • This program has a highly flexible curriculum designed to offer program completion option in a fast-track 15 months or 24 months duration.
  • After the participant completes the prerequisite course, they can apply for modules as per their convenience.
  • After every quarter, exams are conducted.
  • Allows enhancing peer networking and ads value with collaborative learning through group work
  • Also, a special dissertation that has to be submitted during the program Enables a perspective on research through

So, this was a course brief of NMIMS MBA for Working Executives.

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