11 Specializations : MBA From Amity Distance Learning

mba from amity distance learning

MBA from Amity Distance Learning is probably the first choice of distance learning aspirants.

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Most of all, Amity is first private Univerity with ISO Certification.

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Key Points About Amity Distance Learning

Amity Provides Convenient and Economic Course,

Further, all the programs are UGC and DEB approved

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MBA from Amity Distance Learning

MBA from Amity University Distance Learning is a 2-year degree program.

Especially, Faculty of Amity comprises of Industry experts, to provide Exposure to current industry.

Further, MBA from Amity Distance Learning allows students to choose from add-on study materials. As per their convenience

Easy online admissions procedure, online marks sheet generation, online 24/4 support is making amity distance learning first choice of aspirants.

Specializations in MBA from Amity Distance Learning

Amity University offers 11 specializations in distance learning MBA.

Students at Amity University allows its students to choose 1 specialisations out of 11 in final year,

that further helps in boosting their career in specific Industries.

Further, in this post, you will be reading the 11 specializations in MBA from Amity Distance Learning and how they are helpful for your career.

1.MBA in Finance and Accounting

MBA from Amity Distance Learning in Finance and Accounting aims to provide students valuable skills needed in the finance industry.

Further after completing the course aspirants can pursue their career as a financial manager or analyst, chief financial manager

and many more managerial positions requiring financial knowledge.

Read MBA in Finance and Accounting from Amity Distance Learning to know more

2.MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership

MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership aims in producing future entrepreneurs

Further teaches students about key factors for launching a new product, brand and provides tools for the process of business development.

Further, provides opportunities to work as Head of International Trade, International business Developer, International negotiator

3.MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA from Amity distance learning in Human resource management teaches skills to identify and solve problems in the management of human resources.

And you can work at various managerial positions like HR Manager, Training & Development Manager, Employee Education Consultant, etc.

Read more about MBA(HRM) from Amity Distance Learning

4.MBA in International Business

MBA in International Business Further equips the students with the sufficient knowledge and training for the all needed basic knowledge of International Business.

Probably, you can work as International Business Development Manager, Export Coordinator, etc

5.MBA in Insurance Management

MBA from Amity University distance learning in Insurance Management provides knowledge about standard business operations, processes, budgets, HR and marketing.

Further, Helps in pursuing careers in financial analysis, product management, or even insurance underwriting.

6.MBA in Information Technology

MBA in IT prepares you for a great career as a qualified IT professional of management level.

Further, you can pursue the careers as Computer Science Project Manager, Computer Networking Manager, Information Technology Manager, etc.

7.MBA in Marketing & Sales

First of all, MBA in marketing is involved in the sales and services of the products, competitions and market trends of the business.

Probably, After completing MBA from Amity distance learning in marketing & sales, a candidate can pursue careers as a Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Asset Management, Sales Manager.

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8.MBA in Operations Management

As we all know, Operations management is chiefly concerned with planning, organising and supervising in the contexts of production, manufacturing or the provision of services.

Therefore, after pursuing MBA from Amity distance learning is Operations an aspirant can pursue a career as supply chain manager, logistics manager, operations manager, etc.

9.MBA in Retail Management

As we all know, Retail Management strives to create a new generation of smart retail professional of international calibre and aims to equip them with the best practices being followed across the globe.

Further, a Retail Management graduate can pursue the career

As Retail Manager, Store Manager, Retail Buyer, Merchandiser, Analyst, etc.

10.MBA in Hospitality Management

MBA from Amity distance learning in retail management a unique combination of operational skills in Hospitality Management.

Especially, designed for hospitality industry the course opens up various career opportunities in the field of Hospitality Management

Probably, Aspirants can pursue their career in F&B Service, Catering Executives, Food & Beverage controls.

11.MBA in Petroleum & Natural Gas Management

Further, Online MBA from Amity in Petroleum opens up career opportunities in the field of  Refinery Management, Loyalty Program Management, Gas Business and Marketing.

Above, was the list of 11 specializations in MBA from Amity distance learning.

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